Saturday, 15 January 2011

Learning point 1

Printing is coming along well. I need to be more confident and make larger prints (why else have an A3 printer). Monochome needs a wide range of contrast to look good and I need to remember to 'anchor' the subjuct to avoid an odd look.

Thinking hard about contrast and balance in these photos. Balance is definitely an intuitive concept rather than a measurable one. Large and small, dark and light, dynamic or static. One of the areas I need to concentate on is being more self critical and discarding files that are intrinsically dull in their concept.

Reading - 'The Photographer's Eye' by Michael Freeman - making me think about how I take and frame photos. I suspect my pictures may get worse before they get better, as I need to think about the concepts and try them out and they might look rather forced to start with.

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