Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge has been working with the new printer to get a good output, semi-successfully.

1/ fine art paper seems to print very small with a lot of surround and I haven't managed to work this out properly - I think the trick is going to be in saving the file to the max size that can be printed and then trying from there
- possible other solution - I think the dpi is set high (350) so my pictures saved at 300 will print smaller (this needs checked)
2/ prints so far are too dark (just slightly) - so need to allow for this. Have recalibrated screen, but poor light in room - so this may be part of the issue.

The quality seems excellent, clear, crisp and loads of detail
No problem at all using museum etching or other thick papers - front loading tray works easily.

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