Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Out and About

Yesterday I went out for the express purpose of taking pictures to fulfil one of the OCA exercises. The morning was beautiful, sunny with some puffy clouds. Unfortunately i could not get out until after lunch and the minute I did so the weather changed. The clouds became heavy, the wind got up and the rain started.  I managed an semi-successful attempt at the exercise but did mange some other pictures that I am  pleased with.
                         winter trees                                                                                        Winter Trees
I have photographed this line of tree in all seasons and all weathers. Here I felt the shadows were interesting and I like the contrast between the heavy tree bark on the left side and the open lacy branches to the right. The square crop made best use of the diagonal lines of the shadows.

Abbot House - monochrome                                                                    Abbot House  - Dunfermline
This is inside on old building that is now used as a café, shop and exhibition centre. There was a house on the site from the 15th century, and the present building partly dates from 1600, although it has been altered many times. Inside the walls are thick and whitewashed, with few straight lines.

Storm Coming 1

Storm Clouds 2
                               On the way home the sky lightened slightly showing these impressive banks of clouds.

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