Thursday, 24 March 2011

Contrast 5

Continuous and Intermittent.

Intermittent means stopping and starting as opposed to keeping going (continuous). Both of these would be easy to demonstrate with a video, harder in a still image. However I was at the zoo yesterday and was reminded that in nature there are a lot of intermittent patterns that are mainly developed to act as camouflage, many of which have been copied to today's military forces.
The most striking of these patterns has to be the zebra. Interestingly, this pattern developed not to hide the zebra against the field but to confuse the eye and hide one zebra in a pack of others.

ISO 100, 200mm, f/5.6, 1/200 sec
The opposite to intermittent is shown in nature best by a flowing fall of water (especially if taken at a slow shutter speed). Obviously this will only be continuous in a wet climate (Scotland) and would be very intermittent in the land of the zebras.

ISO 100, 72mm,f/4.5, 1/13sec

  1. intermittent and continuous
  2. animal and mineral
  3. fast and slow (shutter speed)

Many and Few. 

I went though a plethora of possibilities when thinking about this one. Flowers, sweety jars, books and then I saw the big cats at the zoo. The statistic posted was that there were only 29 Amur leopards alive in the wild. The ones in the zoo were not in a photogenic mood (pacing continuously) but the tiger, which is also endangered was.

ISO100, 84mm, f/4.5, 1/30 sec

A contrast to this was easily found, and also part of the reason that there are so few tigers left, in cars. It was not difficult to find a site for this image, There are opportunities everywhere.

  ISO 400,189mm, f/14, 1/60 sec

This is a very obvious contrast but important, it also shows:
  1. nature and man-made
  2. hard and soft

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