Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Four days spent in Newcastle with camera in hand and no specific plans other than to see several exhibitions. Sounds magical and the exhibitions were impressive but the weather was not. It didn't often rain hard, but there was lots of drizzle and very little sunlight. This led to a lot of images in misty conditions, perfect for monochrome conversions, and several days of indoor images such as the covered market.

A misty view of the bridges. I tried several similar images but felt this ended up most evocative of the scene. There is little traffic visible and, other than the absence of boats, could have been taken any time in the last 50 years.

A contrast in the Millennium Bridge. Modern and covered with coloured lights reflecting into the water. Taken late in the evening and hand held so with some camera shake.

Playing around! Full dark and a deliberate twist to the camera to see the effect of the movement on the lights.

Inside the Sage. Reflections in the curved glass mixed with some lights from outside give an unusual view of Newcastle.

Learning points.
  1. Make best use of outside time while the weather holds, exhibitions can be seen in the pouring rain.
  2. Carry a tripod or a monopod, don't leave it in the hotel room.
  3. Try unusual views such as window reflections.

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