Friday, 6 May 2011

Exercise - Real and implied triangles 2

Example 4. - A still life with the apex at the top.

A Collective of Cats.

The upright triangle of the cats is echoed by the lines in the wooden table.

Example 5. - A still life with the apex at the bottom.

Bits and Pieces.

Here the focus at the apex is a small silver ring, again the triangle is echoed by the converging lines of the slab of stone.

Example 6. - A group of 3 people.

Family Threesome.
Getting 3 members of my family to hold still while I took a photograph of them was an exercise in diplomacy and bribery! However the faces do form a triangle, with everyone looking towards the main focus in the centre.

In the first set of 3 images the triangle shape acted mainly to lead the eye out of the picture. In this set the triangle acts to focus the eye on the main point of the image.

Learning Points:
  1. Triangles are a very effective way of emphasising the main focus of an image.
  2. Triangles are easily formed when taking landscape images and lead the eye into the distance.
  3. If overused this strategy could easily become repetitive as it is very easy to utilise.

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