Sunday, 19 June 2011

Exercise - Primary and Secondary Colours. 2

Daffodils and sunflowers.
Yellow is cowardice and fear.
Warmth and the sun.
Gold and amber.
Jaundice, ill health and aging.
Yellow pages.
Rapeseed, ISO100, f/9, 200mm efl, 1/60 sec.
At this time of year the fields are full of this.  Rapeseed is the new gold, worth more than cereals.

Green grow the rushes, oh.
Green for nature and consevation.
Green = go!
Green for nausea.
Lime green.
Fern. ISI 400, f/5.6, 90mm efl, 1/40 sec.
Limes with Plastic.  ISO100, f/5.6, 90mm efl, 1/60 sec.
Greens are widely variable in nature in intensity and hue, even within one plant, certainly within my garden.

Oranges and lemons, sweet and sour
Saffron robes of Buddism
Orange marches - symbols of bigotry versus the colour of the Liberal Party.
Pumpkin pie, Halloween and trick or treating.

Satsumas. ISO 400, f/5.6, 90mm efl, 1/320 sec.
Shrinking and shy.
New Age karma
Lavender for sleep and relaxation.
Royal purple, luxury (and chocolate).

Wall of colour. ISO 100, f/5.6, 90mm efl, 1/60 sec.
Whitesnake. ISO 800, f/5.3, 66mm, 1/20 sec.
The guitay player is possibly not the best image out there. It was taken with a compact camera from the rear of the venue. The colour is definitely violet though!

Learning Points:
  1. Colours are found everywhere (obvious statement), but looking for specific ones sharpens your vision.
  2. There is a massive variety of shades, hues and saturations in nature.
  3. A picture that ocncentrates on one colour alone can be very effective.

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