Saturday, 27 August 2011

Exercise - Judging colour temperature 2

Looking at the images in the previous exercise is interesting. I fine the uncorrected images taken in the shade are too blue and would alter them for ant use. The evening ones, while very orange actually simply remind me of evening sunlight and I am happy with them.

While waiting for an opportunity ti encourage a child to pose for me to finish this exercise I took a range of images using AWB, daylight and shade settings to compare them.

In the shade.

These pictures of the windmill at Cley-next-to the Sea were taken in the late afternoon on a cloudy day. All settings except the white balance were the same, except for the first image which was taken at a faster speed and which I had to lighten down.

AWB - ISO 100, f/13/ 28mm efl, 1/320 sec

This image is taken with AWB.Here the colour is reasonable - although it does look like the windmill was taken in sunlight (which it wasn't).

Daylight - ISO 100, f/13/ 28mm efl, 1/125 sec

With the white balance set to daylight the picture is a more natural colour, however still looks too 'sunny' compared with the reality.

Cloudy - ISO 100, f/13/ 28mm efl, 1/125 sec

Here the white balance was set to cloudy. The effect is much more like the real day, with clouds that have only a minimal amount of blue.

This shows an interesting effect of using the AWB setting. The camera software has 'assumed' that I was shooting on a sunny day an compensated accordingly, while the day was actually very dull. Altering the setting to cloudy has been much more effective in accurately portraying the feeling of the day.


This picture of a giant thistle was taken on a sunny afternoon. 5 minutes later it clouded over and began to rain! All images had the same settings other than the white balance.

AWB - ISO 100, f/3.3, 1/125 sec.

This image was taken using AWB - and is a reasonable reflection of the actual colours, although the Abbott House in the background is actually an even brighter pink.

Daylight - ISO 100, f/3.3, 1/125 sec.

With the white balance set to daylight the Abbott House is a more accurate colour, but the thistle is a bit too orange (warm).

Shade- ISO 100, f/3.3, 1/125 sec.

With the white balance set to shade the whole image is much too orange and looks like it was taken in the evening.

In these pictures taken in fairly bright sun in the mid-afternoon both AWB and the daylight settings have given a reasonably accurate portrayal of the thistle. AWB was better for the thistle itself and daylight for the building in the background. The 'shade' setting gives a pleasing, but totally inaccurate rendition.

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