Sunday, 25 September 2011

Light - and frustration

I was out walking along the coast path today looking for photos of WWII  defences (pillboxes and the like). The sun was in and out constantly - usually in though. We eventually gave up and went home as tea needed to be cooked. Life frequently gets in the way!
On the way home the sun suddenly broke though the clouds and illuminated the trees, which are just turning colour, with the most fabulous gold. The sky was stormy and the light was perfect - but - nowhere to stop safely, and and irritated motor cycle behind me so I couldn't even go slow to enjoy it. The next minute the sun went in for the rest of the day.

So when I got home I decided to convert one of the earlier photos to one with colours reminiscent of the trees, and this is what I came up with:

the original picture was much too blue (not sure why) so:
  • RAW processed in Lightroom 2
  • sharpened using high pass filter in PSE8
  • extra layers made via the fractalius plug in with overlay and saturation blending modes

I then remembered coming home in similar stormy weather last week when the sun suddenly came out under the clouds for a few minutes  - and this was the effect:

Somehow I don't think I can really complain about the light in Scotland, even though it is frustrating at times.

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