Monday, 19 September 2011

Post Assignment 4

Feeling rather flat at the present. Not a very good response to my last assignment. Pictures too similar and lighting also too similar, both comments fair, but I had tried to take them inside and under artificial light deliberately, this is always something I find hard.
Wondering whether to start again completely – or to take some more and go outside (if it ever stops raining).
Also need to use more explanations of what and how, I tend to put it in this blog, but still not in enough detail. Not sure how to do this bit, self reflection  is not my strong point – so make a check list.
  • think about what you are taking
  • why are you taking it?
  • what detail are you concentrating on?
  • what light are you using?
  • shutter speed and aperture
  • focal point
  • did it work?
  • if so – why
  • if not – why not
  • what settings did you use
  • what lighting
  • what post-processing
This should help. Less and better is the aim.

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