Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tony Cragg and Old Aircraft.

The exhibition of sculptures and drawings by Tony Cragg at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art is full of items that make me want to touch them. The surfaces look inviting, smooth and cool. They are made from metal, resin and wood, are sinuous and twisting. Tony Cragg says ' I describe myself as a radical materialist......... sculpture a study of the material world .... it permits a journey of discovery that gives us a glimpse at the myriad of forms as yet unseen.' (Tony Cragg, Sculpture and Drawing,National Galleries of Scotland, 2011).

Many look organic, or contain distorted faces that appear and disappear as you look from different angles. Others mimic strange jars or pieces of old machinery, but i found these less inviting.

This one I found particularly striking and it reminded me of a recent visit to Doncaster Air Museum where many old planes were left outside waiting on someone to rescue them. The texture and the feel of this fuselage of a Canberra was similar and equally sculptural.

Shapes, textures and patterns that are striking can be found in unusual places. Both exhibitions were impressive in different ways. A reminder to keep looking and not to make assumptions about relative value as a learning experience.

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