Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Exercise - Evidence of Action

This exercise is to show that something has happened, something broken or emptied or finished.

Shattered Mirror - ISO 200, f/4.0, 32mm efl, 1/30 sec
I did not deliberately break this mirror, but heard a tremendous crash one night in a storm and it had fallen away from the wall and shattered. This illustrates broken as a concept.

Only one image was needed - but the house opposite is having its roof replaced before winter and another crash drew me outside to find this, the concept her is rubbish, thrown away or old and worn out.

Welsh Slate - ISO 320, f/9.0, 90mm efl, 1/60 sec.
Other concepts that are shown in magazines and on TV are: 
  • wealth, poverty
  • taste - food or clothing
  • safety
  • space (or lack of space)
  • happiness
None of these are easy to photograph directly - so symbols are required. Some come so familiar that the symbol is enough to bring the concept to mind ,  a- castle = protection.  Some symbols give mixed messages and understanding depends on the context. Fire can mean warmth or danger, very different meanings, almost opposite in nature.

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