Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Final Piece

The final piece for TAOP has to be in the form of a magazine article telling a photographic story. I have decided to show the WWI and WWII defences that circle the coast of Fife, most of which are in very poor repair and can only be found if you are actively looking for them, they are certainly not signposted like most historic monuments, although they probably should be.

  1. Title page - concrete blocks
  2. Coastal shot
  3. Castles
  4. Rosyth 1
  5. Rosyth 2
  6. Braefoot
  7. Charles Point
  8. Leven Airfield
  9. Concrete blocks
  10. Tentsmuir 1 - bunkers
  11. Tentsmuir 2 - sentry post and gun supports
Decisions to be made:
  1. colour or monochrome - or a mixture
  2. typeface
  3. amount of explanation

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