Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Exercise - Vertical and horizontal frames.

The exercise here was to take  the next 20 photographs in a vertical format then repeat as many as possible of them in a horizontal format to look at the difference this made to the image.  When thinking about this task I went back and looked at my previous images and found that I do take about 1/3 of them in a vertical format. this is probably because I live in a town with a large number of high and old buildings and therefore vertical framing is often appropriate, I also enjoy photographing trees which also often benefit from a vertical look.

Here I have chosen to show some pairs of images in vertical and horizontal format and some single vertical images. Not all of the vertical images have been repeated due to inclement weather this week. Some of the images were taken in both orientations at the same occasion as I knew that they were not repeatable as they were part of a local sound and light show that I stumbled across accidentally while out taking my '20 verticals'. Thus nicely demonstrating the importance of always carrying a camera.

Example 1.

The original picture was taken vertically and I was quite pleased with it. This is the format I often choose to photograph trees as I feel it accentuates their height.

The horizontal picture was taken on my walk back though the park.  The light had changed and it was noticably  darker. In spite of my usual preference for a vertical format for trees I prefer this option as the image is more interesting and It gives a better feel for the distance one is looking into.

Example 2. 

Here I focused on an image of the tallest object in the playpark and the vertical framing acts to accentuate its height. It shows and interesting arrangement of curvews and horizontal lines and might make a good monochrome image.

A horizontal image shows the whole park but with  less emphasis on the  height. This was also taken with a wider lens and although  I was standing at almost the same spot the playpark is not shown as standing out from the trees in the background and the image is rather confused.

Having thought about it - I decided to do a monochrome version of this, and decided that I reather liked the spooky look of the deserted playpark and the rather science fiction look. I can imagine a story starting from this point.

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