Thursday, 10 March 2011

Exercise - Vertical and horizontal frames. - 2

 Example 3.

This is the roof of our local shopping centre and the end of my trip before reversing my route. It was also memorable for being the first time I have had to deal with irate security guards trying to take my camera and throw me out. Eventually they accepted that it was a public place and I could take pictures of the roof!

In this case I think there is little to prefer between the two formats, the horizontal gives a more overall view and the vertical shows the height better but both have equal merit.

Example 4. 

This is a fairly attractive view of a local museum. The vertical format emphasises its height and size. The relatively close view shows the detail of the building well.

A horizontal format from slightly further away gives a better idea of the setting and size of the building, especially as there are now lots of people around but does not show the detail as well.

Example 5. 

These photographs were taken in our local abbey. I had gone in to take images that really benefit from a vertical format to show the extreme height of the pillars. Instead I found that the abbey was dressed in coloured silk and mirror glass as part of a son et lumimiere performance. This did interupt the concentration on '20 verticals on a row' as I knew that this was not something I could leave until tomorrow.

In this case both formats were utilised to show both the detail and the grandeur of the place contrasting with the reflections and the silk.

Example 6. 

This shows a reflection in the glass  of a conservatory. in the vertical format there are few clues as to the exact make-up of the image and it becomes almost abstract.
This format, taken from slightly further away is much more obvious and therefore possibly less interesting the the previous one.

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