Saturday, 30 April 2011

Exercise - Horizontal and vertical lines

Object - looking for lines and edges:

 Lines of trees, lit from the side and echoed by the line of the wall to the right.

 Leaves growing upward, taken from low down and looking into the centre of the plant.

 A column in the abbey, this is a relative close up, to show the pattern and the edges.

 A narrow, dark passage with the sun from behind, lines in the height of the wall, emphasised by the narrow walkway.

 Layers of plants in the field, lines produced by alternating light of the flowers and dark of the stems.

 Pipes, man made and stacked, sun behind the camera.

 Lines of metal and of text (on the War Memorial), lit from above on a brilliantly sunny day.

Lines in the bark of tree, in spite of the height of the tree the first thing noticed when walking by are the horizontal lines.

When I looked though my recent images I found that many of them were strongly influenced by lines , either horizontal or vertical, or both. It became difficult to pick out a representative sample, I have many trees, all very vertical, but I found the one shown second here, with the horizontal lines in the trunk, interesting because of the tension caused by the expectation of height in a tree set against the vertical lines seen. The flowers (rape seed) are also interesting because although they are intrinsically vertical, the light and shade and the colours give a very definite implied horizontal pattern.

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