Monday, 2 May 2011

Exercise - Diagonal

Diagonals help to give a sense of movement:

 A Simon Snorkel putting out the fire - points directly at the small man in red on the roof.

Looking along a fence  - what is at the end?

A pathway across the field, for those with good vision there is a steeple at the very end. The diagonals in the field are echoed by the patterns in the clouds.

An old WWII coastal defence building - now ruined. Is there something hidden behind it. The diagonal roof leads the eye to the end.
and real movement here - taken from a bridge - with a old Mallard Class steam train underneath.


Diagonals clearly lead the eye into the image, if there is a dark (or indistinct) area at the end it makes you wonder what is happening, and consider the possibility of exploring it. The mind (and body) want to follow where the eye goes.

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