Monday, 2 May 2011

Exercise - Curves

Curves - smooth and elegant! The object is to look at curves that emphasise movement and direction:

A curved fern leaf, one looks at it and waits for it to unfurl. Here there are curves within curves, which emphasise the roundness.The eye is directed to the centre.

The repeated curves reinforce each other, and direct the eye toward the point of the roof.

The curve of the branch directs the eye toward the blossoms, which are themselves curved, and form a resting place in the centre of the image.

Here the circles of the giant lilies also form a diagonal, curves into  completed circles, with the diagonal then leading the eye further into the distance.

All these example show both movement and a sense of direction, either away , or into the centre of the frame. When the eye is directed centrally it gives a restful image as opposed to those where the eye is directed to the edge and one is left wondering what is there.

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