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Bragi J. Ingibergsson FRPS (also known as Brin) is an amateur photographer, born in Iceland 1961. Photography has been his favourite hobby for a very long time, he got his first camera when he was 12 years old and has been taking photos ever since. Bragi travels a lot which fits well with his love for photography, since he is mostly interested in nature and landscapes. His work has been published far and wide and has won prizes in many photo contests, for example the overall prize in Digital Camera's photo competition 2009 which gave him the nomination "The Photographer of the year".. (Description from the RPS programme).

Phot by Brin, (from the Dunfermline weekend programme).

Notes from Brin’s talk: quotes in italics

its not only vision its sensation’
‘searching for the light’
‘find my creative self….. freeze the moment’
the most important photos are not always the most obvious ones, they are the ones that make the viewer look for the meaning and ignite strong emotions’.
Brin grew up in the country in Iceland and now lives and works there. He says he feels it is important to know your camera well so that you can be relaxed when taking picture and that it is also important to spend time at a place, learning about it  and its history. You should assess the light and colour each time making ‘a photo in the mind, learning the colours and feeling’ so that when it comes to post-processing you knows what you are looking for in an image.
He describes three important features:
  1. Light - one needs to watch the light carefully, especially in Iceland where it can change very fast, look for contrast in light and shadows and seize the one moment when the light is good.
  2. Colour – colours should be part of the composition and support the main subject, being strong or soft according to the mood of the image
  3. Lines – it is important to always ‘look at the environment in frames’ even without a camera to ‘train the eye’. You should use the lines in the photo to lead the eye around the picture and encourage the viewer to stay with the image for a while.
Brin described a photo as being similar to a poem, it is made up a many small details which you may not notice at first, but which are important, just like a poem is made up of individual words and phrases. The whole is the ‘filtered though the experience of the reader. In both a poem and a picture both metre and form are important to allow ones inner awareness’.
Brin illustrated his talk with a variety of photos of Icelandic scenery and wildlife. The colours and shapes were always striking, sometimes somewhat exaggerated, and always beautiful. He clearly communicated his love for his country and made me wish for the opportunity to travel there, even for a short time. - Brin's website

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