Saturday, 16 July 2011

Assignment 3 - part 4

Colour harmony though similar colours.

Similar colours are those next to each other on the colour wheel and images made with these are often tranquil and soothing, rather than vibrant.

Example 1.

A peaceful day on the loch. The main colour visible for a long range picture is blue.

Lake of Menteith - blue and green harmony. ISO 100, f/5.6, 72mm efl, 1/1000 sec

A very tranquil scene with a large area of blue divided by a small band of green, which gives interest to the image.

Example 2.

Close to the shore the main colour becomes green, with the green also being reflected in the water.Still  a tranquil scene - but very different.

Sores of Menteith -green and blue. ISO 100, f/5.6, 50mm efl, 1/640 sec.

Small bands of blue shows at the top and bottom of the image These need to be enhanced with a filter, as the exposure contrast was so great that all colour would have been washed out of the sky if the green was correctly exposed. ideally this could have been done in camera with a neutral grad filter in place, but was actually done post -processing in Lightroom 2.

Example 3. 

A pile of vibrant and tasty peppers, polished and ready to eat.

Peppers. ISO 400, f/7.1, 156 efl, 1/40 sec

The balance is uneven, with a smaller amount of green to the highly saturated yellow, and, even though these colours are next to each other on the wheel they appear  as contrasting here.

Example 4.

Sweets on a market stall. Loaded with colourants, but highly attractive to young eyes.

Enticing?  ISO 100, f/9, 90mm efl, 1/100 sec.

The colours are evenly balanced, and mimicked in the trays of sweets to the back and the sides. The surrounding papers act a barrier and help emphasise the intensity of the colours against the pale cream.

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