Saturday, 16 July 2011

Assignment 3 - part 3

Colour Accent.

The purpose here is to show how colour can work as an accent, using a small amount of colour against a background of another. This is the effect that catches ones eye to something in the distance, such as the red house roof against the fields (which I saw - but haven't managed to go back to photo because of endless rain), or the expensive item in the shop window!

Example 1.

Foxglove on a hill, the brilliant violet stands out against the green.

Foxglove - violet point on green. ISO125, f/13, 90mm efl, 1/60 sec

A single accent, a line rather than a point of intense colour which really stands out, a complete contrast of colour.

Example 2.

A flag flying on the shore at the edge of a broken and deserted pier. Who keeps it there and why? Is it a warning, and if so - of what.  This is full tide, so the pier is never covered.

Only the flag remains. - red on blue. ISO 100, f/10, 90mm efl, 1/200 sec

A very intense red on a background of blue dominates the whole scene. The colours contrast both in their place on the colour wheel and in their intensity, with the blue a much more subdued hue.

Example 3. 

This year all the fields of rape are full of poppies - remembrance of an old way of farming?

Poppy. ISO 400, f/5.6, 400mm efl, 1/125 sec.

The single point becomes the whole purpose of the image, partly because of the contrasting yellow colour and partly because of the depth of field.

Example 4.

An arrangement of beads and threads , all violets (although some very pale in saturation, set of by a vibrant yellow jade figurine.

Glass and Jade - yellow on violet. ISO 400, f/22, 90mm efl, 4 sec

The yellow of the figurine is magnified by the background of its complementary colour violet in the cloth and the beads.

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