Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Assignment 3 - part 2

Colour contrast though contrasting colours.

The aim here is to demonstrate how contrasting colours work, that is using colours a third of the way around the colour wheel such as yellow and red or purple and green.

Example 1.

This is the superstructure of a boat in Aberdeen Harbour. It was brilliant sunshine and the sky dark blue. The contrast was stunning.

Superstructure - yellow and blue. ISO 100, f/5.6, 144mm efl, 1/160 sec

The bright yellow is more intense than the blue and even though there is less of it the yellow dominates the image. The eye is drawn by the mass of yellow at the bottom and then moves upward along the mast.

The balance is off centre and there is a definite tension in the picture, which adds interest.

Example 2.

Although this looks like a still life set up it is actually hand-made soaps arranged in heaps on a market stall.

Soaps - red and yellow. ISO 400, f/7.1, 400mm efl, 1/25 sec.

Here there is nearly the same amount of the 2 contrasting colours, however the increased saturation of the reds when compared with the yellows makes them stand out and emphasises their position at the front.

The balance of the colours is nearly equal and gives a strong contrast.

Example 3.

In this picture the background plants were really a greenish-yellow and a filter was used in photoshop to make them appear more yellow and give a greater contrast. The leaves are usually seen as a more brownish red, but on this occasion the sun was directly shining on the and partially though them causing the intense colour.

Garden Colour - red and yellow. ISO100, f/5.7, 90mm efl, 1/100 sec.

There is less red than yellow here but its greater saturation makes it stand out from the background. The is helped by the depth of field giving a blurred effect. The eye is drawn into the picture and then up along the stalk of the plant to the delicate flowers.

The balance is only slightly off centre.

Example 4.

The deeply coloured foxglove stands out against the much softer greens.

Foxglove - violet and green. ISO 125, f/13, 60mm efl, 1/40 sec.

The intensity of the much smaller amount of violet contrasts strongly with the greens. The curve of the colour draws the eye though the picture from upper left to lower right.

The balance is very one sided and the contrast in intense however this makes an effective image.

 Example 5.

This fabulous poppy shows an intense orange centered with violet (contrasting colour or colour accent?)

Poppy - violet and orange. 

A central area of cool violet contrasts against the orange and gives a resting place.

The violet area is almost in the centre, and although a much smaller area and a less intense colour forms the main focus of the image.

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