Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Assignment 3 - rethink

Further thought on the colours assignments.
I am again trying to be too clever and not direct enough.
Points to remember:
  1. answer the question
  2. be as clear as possible
  3. look for an interesting/unusual angle
  4. explain ones thoughts and processes clearly.

 Complimentary colours - yellow and violet:

Railcar Door - Violet and Yellow. ISO 200, f/10, 102mm efl, 1/80 sec.

This was the original - the one below I have changed the door to a more obvious violet by using a different RAW conversion in Lightroom 2 and adding it as an extra layer to the original image to brighten and lighten the violet.

Railcar Door 2 - Violet and Yellow. ISO 200, f/10, 102mm efl, 1/80 sec.

This shows a much clearer violet / yellow contrast. The alteration in processing has been effective without loosing the bright yellow. The yellow remains the smaller proportion, but its brightness makes it stand out.

Accented colours
Two extra (and probably clearer) options for single colour accents.

Red on blue door. ISO 100, f/9, 70mm efl, 1/50 sec

This is a door of an old railway carriage. Very dilapidated and clearly 'patched up'. The red really stood out and makes the image much more interesting.

Red on yellow carriage side. ISO 100, f/10, 86mm efl, 1/500 sec.

A small rectangle of intense red livens the image and draws the eye

Very small red accent on a striking yellow background.

 The red contrasing colour stands out againt the background

On the same subject of small points of colour against a background, I came against this scene when exploring an old graveyard. 
Deserted and decayed. ISO 320, e/5.3, 60mm efl, 1/40 sec.

Red and broken gravestones pointed up by the intense blue of a piece of modern plastic waste.

Similar colours:

These needed to be more clearcut and show more definate colours.

Blue and green. ISO160, f/13, 46mm efl, 1/200 sec

Green hills against a blue (ish) sky, with some added storm clouds. A very Scottish picture.

           Blue and green ISO 100, 90mm efl, f/3.5, 1/80 sec

The back of the flower is a very intense blue which really stands out against the much more muted green foliage. The green is, however, emphasised by the bright green stalk leading into the centre of the flower, surrounded by an almost white area.

 Although the more intense blue looks as though it is a much larger area of colour it is not. The effect is given by the central placing and the colour intensity.

For the next image of similar colours I had intended to shoot raspberries, strawberries and blueberries - but my children have eaten them! I need to think again - or go shopping again.

ISO 1600, 84mm efl, f/5.6, 1/8 sec

An almost even balance of luscious red and purple berries. The colour points up the desirability of these fruits. There is slightly more of the brighter red - but this is balanced by the more central position of the purple blueberries.

 It is difficult to analyse this image as the colours are mixed - not in a single block.The fruit that stands out most clearly is the slightly incomplete raspberry at the top which is balanced on the blueberries. The position and colour makes me want to eat it first.

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