Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Light - High and Low key

The question posed here was to look at magazines and books and think about whether the pictures were lighter or darker than one would expect, and the effect that had on the photograph.
I chose to look at the June issue of BJP for this.
Many of the images that were very light were advertisements (either used as such in the magazine or in an article on high velocity photography).

Dan Tobin Smith's ad for Boag's Brewery
Another use of light images is to portray optimism, such as in weddings, or in this photograph by Ricky Adams, who says 'I want to share the optimism, energy and enthusiasm of the subjects I photograph'
Ricky Adam from Bikes not Bombs.
Dark images are often used to pick up on 'dark' subject matter. The effect is to make one have to look more closely at the image (and possibly, therefore, think more about it). There were many darker images, many too large to easily show but this one by Agnes Dherbeys I found compelling.

Thai Troops , Agnes Dherbeys
Dark is not always associated with negative subject matter though. This one is certainly fun although needs careful looking .

Pedro, Mexico City, Ed Freeman
A brief survey of the numbers of light and dark images showed a roughly equal number, with rather more in the middle with a mainly mid-range of tones.

Learning point:
  • match your light to your subject matter
  • sometimes a contrast of subject and light makes for an interesting image
  • high key images are easier to read

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