Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Exercise - Colours into tones in black and white.

This exercise was to show how filters effect colours when a colour image is translated into a black and white image. 
I use digital photography so the image was shot in RAW and then converted in the RAW editor in Lightroom 2. Using varying filters this way is an effect I use fairly frequently as I enjoy black and white photography. In this case I alters the sliders manually rather than using any of the possible presets, as you can get a more extreme effect manually.

Original image.

Colours. ISO 160, f/13, 60mm efl, 1/30 sec

 Neutral conversion.

Blue positive, green ngative:

Red positive, green negative

Yellow positive, red negative

Green positive, yellow negative

As can be seen by the above selection a great range of effects can be produced by altering the filters when converting to black and white. Some colours, such as a bright res, can be altered tonearly deep black and pure white, while others, such as green, give less of a range, (at least within the parameters allowed within Lightroom 2).
Similar alterations can be produced in colour by simply altering the filters, which effectively alter the intensity of the colour.

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