Sunday, 11 September 2011

Artificial Lighting–Indoors

I do not possess any photographic lighting equipment, this is partly because of cost and also because up to recently I have found no use for it. The main photographs I like to take are landscapes and flowers, so mostly outside and in the daytime.
Up to very recently I did not even possess a flash gun and relied on the on-camera flash, although I preferred not to use any flash at all and made a lot of use of timed exposures.
My first foray into photographic lighting has been to buy a flash gun for my camera. My camera does not appear to support syncing with a flash that is not attached to the hot shoe – although I may yet find a way around that limitation so I can use the flash from away from the camera. However, at present I am still experimenting with the use of the flash and bouncing the flash of a variety of surfaces to give variation to the light and to use it as a ‘fill’ flash.
The exercises here have been carried out with a mixture of household lighting and the help of my son. he makes an excellent light stand! However the lights tends to be les bright than I might wish and also less focused. The new regulations for the type of obtainable light bulbs, (CFL’s using low power) are making the use of these lights less and less practical.
I have enjoyed working with ‘still life’ type images for this course, and am starting to feel limited by the equipment I can access so may acquire some more lighting, the difficulty is in knowing exactly what is needed.

ISO 640, f/5.5, 70mm efl, 1/10 sec
 Lit with overhead lighting from a large CFL ceiling light, and post-processed via Lightroom 2 and Siver Efex Pro 2 this old water jug with a pewter lid shows its complex shape well.

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