Sunday, 11 September 2011

Exercise - Softening the Light

This exercise involves look at the effect of a diffused on a harsh light and examining the difference. For this exercise I used a plant in a glass pot. The plant has a large number of this leaves that cast a detailed shadow, and the glass pot gives a bright reflection.

ISO 400, f/14, 36mm efl, 0.6 sec

This is the image without any diffusion to the light. The light source came from in front, slightly angled to my camera, as this gave the best shadow pattern. The shadows are harsh, and the glass pot throws a bright highlight. The shadows give a strongly 3-d look to the image.

ISO 400, f/14, 39mm efl, 0.8 sec

Here I used a diffuser in front of the light, the shadows have almost disappeared and have might softer edges and the lighting on the leaves is more even. The glass pot is still too bright. This image looks much 'flatter'.

The only difference in settings is in the slightly longer exposure. Overall I prefer the second image with the diffuser, although I might have liked slightly more shadows of the leaves. The first image is too harsh and there is less detail in the leaves.

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